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Flag of Austria
Some attributes
First Capital: Vienna
Second Official Languages: Austrian
Third Government: Who cares.
Other attributes
Austria (German/Deustch: Australien) Is A land locked state of Europe stituated somewhere near Germany, Hungry, maybe France and Poland. Austria is the poorman's Germany.


After Ben Franklin Helped George washington make America he thought it might be cool to amke another country. America was a bit to big and Franklin like small things best. So Ben Franklin learned German and made Austria.

Ben Franklin is Austria's founding father.

Not as Good As Germany.Edit

After WW2 Austria wasn't as good as Germany. You went there if you didn't have over a 50k Salerly. This was not good for money because poor people's money isn't worth as much as rich people's money. Austria is currently bankrupt and let Ben Franklin down.

Austria doesn't have any good bands either.

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