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Function RambunctionEdit

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The Function Rambunction guy.

Function Rambunction was founded in 1978 in a run down disco club by a gang of dubious tramps. The notorious ex drug runner Jroc, with over 200+ drug related murders and baby blood on his hands he is a dangrous man. The two-timing car pifler Mcbob who had a crime record longer than he latest 2004 beatles album. Extradonut, A burnt out drug attic with a bad attitude and three limp fingers. Triple-Q, who recently had to leave the group to rescue his mother who fell down the world's deepest hole. And finally elemix, a transsexual non-binary hooker from hell.

This is Function Rambunction, this is real, this is now.

Targa RPG Edit

Bozos and boogiemen collide in this epic hack n slash, booze n bash hollywood adventure starring the Function Rambunction crew as the famed heroes of Targa. They will cross paths with demons, crossdressing vampires, sewer slingers, rocket powered rascals, horny lawyers and other oddball threats as they uncover the secrets of this strange world they find themselves in!

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