Gaul 2 political legend

Early Targa world map, created by EXtraDonut

Targa is a fictional world built entirely in the video game Minecraft by a core group of Function Rambunction members. Within it are several countries, many of which are as of 2016 currently empty and still in their early stages of planning. However, the map that Targa is on has been around since the early alpha days of Minecraft, featuring builds from then till now by players who are probably dead.

It has been lost and recovered several times over with severe map wipes in between, causing a great amount of grief for the core builders of our group. However in October of 2016, the map was hosted again on Lolikip's computer and a new age of construction began.

Currently Galija and City 17 are the only countries being actively worked on as of late 2016. Plans to begin construction on the northern desert countries has commenced.