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Character design of the average touhou. Bright and colourful for autistic fucks.

Touhou, is a series of games aimed at the mentally challanged. It's bright colours and it's all girl cast suggest the series was aimed for little girls. Touhou is created by self delcared autistic man Johnathan Fienstein. He has been working on the games for 10 years now.


There isn't much game play in touhou because of it's demographics. Gameplay has to be kept the minimal due to autistic children are prone extreme bouts of anger and strength. Gameplay just consests of flying and shooting. If the player is shot they lose the game.

Character Design.Edit

Character designs are usally, Bright, colourful and very cheerful looking. Characters have child like designs to please and clam the autistic mind. Every touhou is unique and different. They pander to all of the entire autism specturm from aspergers too down syndrome, everyone has a unique and lovable girl they can relate to. Characters who do not fit this specturm are scrapped and do not appear in later games due to their low popularity.

Character popularity is heavely discussed on internet forums and often break out into arguments and perverted topics. "These need to end" Said Johnathan Fienstein.

Illegal Content Within The Games.Edit

Johnathan Fienstein is a known Pedophile autistic with a love for little girls. Sometimes character deigns depict half naked little girls, clearly child pornography. However Johnathan Fienstein claims his characters are 100+ years old and by that logic they are not children and cannot be classified as child pornography.

Johnathan Fienstein had to where an ankle colar that tracks his movements and is not allowed to leave his house. He scares the nieghbours and can't own any pets.

Where to buy Touhou?Edit

Touhou games are published by Johnathan Fienstein who is also a fucking autistic weeaboo who only realeases the games in Japan. The games are only in Japanese and if you're a weeaboo too you can probably read the games without the English patchs.

Games usally sell for 39.99$ on release.